Global Access Programs (GAP)




Each GAP is tailored to the needs of the individual patient or patient group, in consultation with the treating clinician and in adherence to the program specifications for each medicine.


Assisting patients

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with, or is living with a chronic or life-threatening illness it can be very frightening and frustrating for all involved. In cases where commercial treatment options have been exhausted, yet haven’t helped the patient meet their treatment goal, there may be a medicine in development, or one that is commercially available in another country that could help.

This is what Caligor’s Global Access Programs (GAP) are all about. A GAP can offer a treating physician access to potentially life-saving or life-changing therapies to treat patients with unmet medical needs.

Caligor is committed to helping physicians access additional medicines for patients who have exhausted all other avenues of treatment — medicines that may still be in development, or are commercially available in other countries but not in the patient’s country of residence, or even those discontinued or in short supply.


If you believe that either yourself, or a loved one might benefit from participation in a GAP, your first step is to speak with the treating physician and ask that they contact Caligor for more information. If we are able to assist, we will.

We go above and beyond to meet the needs of patients who qualify for access via a GAP and the physicians that treat them. Caligor’s relationships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world enable us to access a wide range of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products.