Global Access Programs (GAP)



Bridging the GAP for unmet medical needs

Providing physicians with access to medicines not available for use in their countries can save or have a significant impact on patients’ lives. Caligor bridges the gap between medicines and those that need them by finding appropriate and regulatory compliant solutions for drug access through our innovative Global Access Programs (GAP).


GAP is Caligor’s term for programs which are sometimes referred to as “named patient,” “expanded access,” “early access”, or “compassionate use”.

Through GAP, Caligor partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world to provide controlled and ethical access on a per-country basis to medicines at every stage in their life cycle .

  • Early life cycle
  • Pre and Post Commercialization
  • Mature & Supply Challenges

For pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, GAP provides a solution for effectively meeting patient demand in markets around the world.

GAP solutions are not clinical trials, but rather targeted and controlled programs specifically intended for patients who have exhausted their treatment options and for whom appropriate therapies exist outside standard commercial channels. A GAP can be established for an individual patient or for a group of patients.

Learn how unmet medical needs can be resolved through collaboration with Caligor.