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Comparator drug sourcing beyond compare

At Caligor, we understand how important comparator drugs are to the success of your clinical trials. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide the right pharmaceuticals, at the right time—including innovative sourcing solutions for hard-to-find comparators.

We provide a comprehensive solution for comparator drug sourcing—from strategic supply assessments to procurement, logistics, and documentation. Caligor minimizes the operational, financial, and regulatory risks associated with comparator sourcing, freeing you to focus on the business of product development.

Partnering with Caligor offers you a range of advantages beyond compare.

Quality Assurance

At Caligor, quality is at the heart of everything we do. To ensure the integrity of every product we procure, handle, and deliver, our quality processes include:

  • 200% quality checks, inspecting each product independently by two quality professionals, to identify any product issues, including packaging and labeling integrity, before shipment.
  • Supplier audits, including on-site visits, to verify that suppliers meet Caligor’s rigorous quality standards.
  • Temperature control at every step to ensure compliance with cold-chain or ambient temperature requirements.
  • Detailed documentation, including certificates of analysis and conformance, pedigree, BSE/TSE, and other documentation as required by specific countries.
  • Qualified Persons (QP) on staff who certify products in accordance with EU directives for pharmaceutical storage and distribution.
  • Adherence to quality standards, including ISO 9001 accreditation and compliance with GMP/GDP standards.
  • Robust SOPs to ensure full batch traceability in the event of a product recall.

Our extensive quality processes and vigilance ensure your confidence in the comparator drugs we provide.

Global Sourcing

Need a comparator for a clinical trial in Croatia, Russia, or South Korea? Count on Caligor. Our global reach enables us to provide innovative procurement strategies to meet virtually any sourcing requirement, anywhere. Our ever-expanding supplier network extends to dozens of countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Our global approach offers you:

  • Reliable supply relationships, enabling us to meet your supply needs—including hard-to-get comparators—within your timeframe.
  • Flexibility—whether you need a sample pack or a large supply with single lot and maximum shelf life.
  • Manufacturer-direct sourcing, enabling us to minimize supply chain risk and meet special requirements, including coordinating special production runs to meet your timing needs and negotiating continuity of supply with a specific formulation for multi-year trials.
  • On-site QP audits of our global suppliers to ensure they meet our quality standards for sourcing, storing, and distribution.
  • In-depth knowledge of local regulatory requirements as well as cultural considerations, allowing us to provide you with appropriate solutions for specific countries.

Caligor’s global network and international approach to comparator sourcing and supply enable us to deliver the optimum solution for your clinical trial—anywhere, anytime.

Supply Logistics

Avoiding costly delays in your clinical trial is paramount. In addition to securing a reliable supply of comparators, we have optimized our logistics processes to expedite delivery while mitigating risk at every step in the supply chain through:

  • Quality and security monitoring to ensure product integrity and minimize the risk of counterfeits from procurement through delivery to your trial site. We comply strictly with GMP/GDP standards.
  • Temperature control at every step—throughout our storage and distribution facility as well as during transit—to comply with each product’s cold chain or ambient temperature requirements.
  • Rapid processing of shipments—within 24 to 72 hours—to maximize shelf life and minimize the risk of costly excess product at the clinical trial site.
  • Careful auditing of third-party couriers by our in-house QP to ensure compliance with our quality standards, including temperature control, monitoring, and documentation.

Our U.S. and UK logistics teams never forget that every shipment of pharmaceuticals plays an important role in improving the lives of patients.

Customer Commitment

We are there for our customers, around the clock. We focus on building long-term relationships founded upon the success of our customers’ clinical trials.

With operations on both sides of the Atlantic and people around the globe, we work across time zones and cultures to ensure rapid response—whether you have a question that demands our expertise or a special request. We strictly protect customer confidentiality at all times.

Caligor works as part of your team, anticipating your needs and proactively offering innovative solutions to support your success.