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Our Values

Our Values


Guided by a set of core values

At Caligor, we share a set of values that define and guide us as a team:

Elevating people

to achieve mutual success. We value and respect our employees, customers, and partners and actively promote diversity and inclusion within our team. Caligor is a proud member of the Diversity Alliance for Science.

Honesty and integrity

in all that we say and do. We forge partnerships built on trust, open communication, transparency, and fulfilling our promises.

Innovation and creativity

by going above and beyond to find new ways to meet our customers’ challenges and evolving needs.

Bold leadership

by always striving to anticipate the changing industry landscape and be their first with solutions that set new standards of performance.

Focus on value

by delivering solutions that drive our success by providing a measurable contribution to our customers’ success.

Patient safety

by going the extra mile to ensure the integrity of every pharmaceutical product we deliver.